10 Best Underrated Movies to watch in 2022

10 Best Underrated Movies to watch in 2022

Here I’ve mentioned the 10 Best underrated movies to watch in 2022. If you are fed up watching movies with a repeated storyline where just one man beats up 100 guys single-handedly and wanted to watch something amazing with unique concepts then you are at the right place, go on with this post containing some of the best-underrated movies.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to all the most underrated movies that are well-made films but did not catch the attention of critics and award shows.

Below I mentioned the 10 most underrated movies you can watch in 2022 if you love unique concepts that are worth your time.

1. COMA (2019)

Coma movie, underrated movies

This movie is truly a visual treat because of its CGI and VFX but there is still a room empty for character development that needs to be filled. The movie plot is simple and the storyline is well written but some characters don’t feel like humans.

This movie lacks in some major things but is still worth watching because of its unique concept and it is a film for every sci-fi fan. Once again CGI overcomes a lot of poorer elements in the movie.

Pros – CGI and VFX are top-notch with a nice story.

Cons – Character development is poor. 


Most Dangerous Game movie, underrated movies

While the concept of the human hunt isn’t new but this movie takes this on another level, where a sick man trapped between 5 trained hunters playing a game of life and death for his family. This movie is a good mixture of survival and action and if you like both, then this movie might be a treat for you.

Pros – Pacing is very good, you don’t even feel the length.
            Storytelling is nice.
            The movie doesn’t waste time on long conversations.

Cons –  Some situations feel very childish
             For example; Whenever the prey walks into the trap set by one of the hunters, it just became too incredibly stupid.

3. MAN ON FIRE (2004)

Man on fire movie, underrated movie

This movie is worth your time because John Creasy (Denzel Washington) sets the screen on fire with his acting skills and sometimes there is no need for any dialog.

You won’t feel that this movie is 18 years old, there were no illogical action scenes but rather great storytelling. The ending is emotional yet satisfying.

Pros – Storytelling and Acting are awesome.
            No illogical action scenes.

Cons – The movie is 2.30 hrs. long which can be easily reduced to 1.45 – 2 hrs.


The Man from nowhere movie, underrated movies

This list can’t be completed without a Korean masterpiece like this one, The man from nowhere.
This movie is an upgraded version of Man on fire with a lot more action, story, characters, suspense, good fight, and a very good end. You will feel emotions and at the same time it’s brutal, violent, and at times disturbing. English dubbing is good and subtitles are kind of distracting since they don’t match the dialogs. This is definitely one of the best-underrated movies out there

The conclusion is, that this movie is worth your time.

Pros – The runtime is less than 2 hours so there is no chance for you to get bored.

Cons – Sometimes the main character is trapped but fights and escapes easily which doesn’t
feel good always.

5. KATE (2019)

Kate movie

I am quite sure that there are many action-thriller movies with a female lead and not all of them felt right. Most of them have weird-looking action scenes which didn’t feel very good.

But that’s not the case for every movie and Kate is the perfect example of this. I will agree with the fact that the story of this movie is predictable but it is engaging. The movie is colorful and had great direction with good pacing. Some violent scenes felt real.

Overall Kate is a good entertaining action-thriller movie you should watch.

Pros –Realistic action scenes, Vibrant colors that make it more engaging.

Cons – Some exaggerated scenes didn’t feel good.

6. THE MULE (2018)

The Mule movie, underrated movies

A truly underrated movie with Clint Eastwood, only the name is needed to make a blockbuster and for this movie, he is just perfect for the role of Earl Stone. A 90-year-old horticulturalists and a Korean war veteran turned drug mule for a Mexican cartel. Interesting, engaging story with some great little sub-plots and interactions. Eastwood demonstrates his deft touch at human drama, though some of the family drama does feel a bit clumsy and overly melodramatic at times. The ending could have been better though. While it is reasonably poetic it doesn’t quite have the punch I was expecting.

Pros – Movie runtime is just 1 hrs.56min. which is perfect for this movie.
            This movie gives you a thrill with a great message.

Cons – The ending could have been better.

7. FINCH (2021)

The Finch , underrated movies

The movie starts with a post-apocalyptic future where a man builds a robot to look after his dog, this is the basic plot of the movie. Rather than calling it a movie I should call it a short with the excellent post-apocalyptic world which should be explored more. If you are bored watching movies full of action, blood, and fast-paced story and wanted to watch something slow and smooth then this movie is for you.
Movie visuals are awesome and the bond between a dog and a man was very beautifully shown, at some point you may get emotional. This is a truly underrated movie.

At last, I want to say that this movie is enjoyable with likable characters.                         

Pros – The movie’s length is perfect, the cast is small but you’ll like them.

Cons – The robot feels more human; the post-apocalyptic world can be explored more.

8. 2012 (2009)

2012 movie

Subatomic particles from a massive solar eruption cause The Earth’s core to heat up and the crust to destabilize, resulting in massive earthquakes, super-volcanoes, and huge tsunamis that threaten to wipe out mankind. Amidst the chaos, author Jackson Curtis (John Cusack) attempts to save his family by taking them to China where the world’s elite are boarding several top-secret ‘arks’ built to survive the disaster. This is the basic plot of the movie.

Grounds disappearing, trains flying, buildings collapsing, all the effects are spectacular and scarily real.

I can clearly say that this is one of the best disaster movies with great destruction scenes and panic situations that last till the end.

The movie is fast-paced with some great destruction scenes which will hook you up till the end.
There are some emotional scenes as well, but overall a good family-friendly movie.

Pros – Destruction scenes are awesome; There is some twist as well that felt real.

Cons – There are some scenes with illogical scientific explanations.

9. SOURCE CODE (2011)

Source Code 2011 movie, underrated movies

When the film begins, Colter Stephens (Jake Gyllenhaal) suddenly finds himself on a train heading into Chicago. He knows no one aboard and is NOT the person people think he is. He is, in fact, a soldier serving in Afghanistan–so how did he magically appear on the other side of the planet. While this is only the beginning of the film, I will say no more because the film has one surprise after another, and I’d hate to ruin the film for you. This is simply the best-underrated movie.

The film might not see original but it has enough sci-fi and thriller elements to be entertaining because Gyllenhaal sells it well helped by Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, and Jeffrey Wright.

Pros – The movie successfully connects every character emotionally to us,
             and there is always another twist standing as the first ends.

Cons – The movie ending is very obvious everyone will figure it out while watching.


Predestination 2014 movie

Predestination is a very good Sci-Fi movie. It takes time to build up everything but when it is on its pace nothing feels weak. The story is well written and character development is great. Sometimes it’s hard to write about films that feature time travel. There are nearly always inconsistencies that rear their heads. There are rarely action scenes in this movie, you’ll only find emotions and the most important thing is time travel. The concept of the predestination paradox is shown very beautifully shown, it is recommended to every sci-fi fan.

Pros – The movie length is 1h 37m so you won’t get time to get bored.

Cons – In my opinion, there are some plot holes left in the movie which are needed to be answered, as soon as we think that now they’ll explain it, and bang movie ends.

These are my recommendations for the 10 Best Underrated Movies out there. Feel free to mail for any suggestions.

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